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Yuko Tomonaga is one of Japan’s most accomplished international harpists recently relocated to Singapore from Melbourne. 


She has been performing all over the world as a soloist, her recent highlights include guest harpist roles at Harp Festivals in Russia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Korea. She also released a CD as an accompanist for Hitomi Niikura (Cello), produced by Sony Music Direct. It became a no.1 for classic chart in Japan.  

​Yuko's Melbourne work was mainly being part of Orchestra Victoria as a guest principal harp, playing for Australian Ballet, Opera Australia and Victorian Opera. As well as Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Yuko won twice for international harp competitions, 1st prize at the 3rd Slovenian International Harp Competition in the highest category, gave a winner recital and it was on national TV in Slovenia with her interview. Also Yuko won 1st prize at the 13th Osaka International Music Competition, Harp Division, received the Matsuo prize, and gave a winner recital both in Kobe and Tokyo.  

She is enthusiastic about teaching as well, having participated as an ensemble teacher for harp summer academy by Hong Kong Harp Centre for over the past three years. 

After graduating from Toho Gakuen High School & College of Music in Tokyo with Josef Molnar and Ayako Shinozaki, she continued her formal education internationally including graduating with a Master of Arts from the Royal Academy of Music in London with Skaila Kanga and Hugh Webb, as well as completing a graduate diploma from the  Gnessin Russian Academy of Music in Moscow with Milda Agazarian.


長崎市に生まれる。桐朋女子高等学校音楽科を経て桐朋学園大学音楽学部卒業。卒業後にロンドンに移り英国王立音楽院(Royal Academy of Music)の大学院課程を修了。同時にロンドン大学の学位を取得。グネーシン音楽院スタジオロフカディプロマを取得。



ロンドン、メイフェアのファームストリートチャーチで初リサイタルを、帰国記念のリサイタルを東京オペラシティ近江楽堂で開催し、どちらも好評を博す。また、モスクワ、香港、スイス、韓国のハープフェスティバルにてゲスト奏者として出演。スロベニア、マリボルの国立劇場にてスロベニア国際ハープコンクール優勝記念リサイタルを開催。その様子がスロベニア国営放送でインタビューと共に放送される。また、NHKイブニング長崎「かがやく人」コーナーにゲスト出演等、国内メディアの出演も多数。小澤征爾音楽塾オペラプロジェクトに1st Harpとして参加。ティーチングアシスタントとして香港ハープセンター主催のハーピーサマーアカデミーではアンサンブルを2016年より毎年指導。チェロ奏者新倉瞳のCD「祈り〜チェロとハープ珠玉の名曲集」(ソニーミュージックダイレクト)でハープを担当。国内のクラシックチャートにて1位になる。





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